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Environmental Product Declarations (EPD)

NUDEC has written up the Environmental Product Declarations (DAP) in order to be able to classify the sustainability of its plastic sheets and the different polymers used.

Different factors are used to assess the environmental impact of the products throughout their life cycles in accordance with the International Standard UNE-EN ISO 14025.

An Environmental Product Declaration is a standardized document that provides quantified information, verifiable by a third party, about the environmental performance of a product. In this way, NUDEC can accredit and communicate the environmental profile of its plastic sheets, as this becomes an increasingly important criteria in choosing materials both for public projects and consumers at large.

These environmental declarations provide a reliable, relevant, transparent, comparable and verifiable environmental profile which makes it possible to choose an environmentally friendly product, based on life cycle information (LCA) in accordance with international standards and quantified environmental data.

The life cycle analysis (LCA) on which the EPDs are based must be prepared in accordance with Product Category Rules (PCR) published as a technical standard or by a recognized Program. These PCRs ensure consistent criteria for a family of products with equivalent functions.

Environmental Product Declarations