ISO 50001

We reduce the environmental impact of the manufacture of plastic sheets

The ISO 50001 standard is an international certification that establishes the requirements for the implementation of an energy management system (EMS) in an organization. Its objective is to improve energy efficiency and reduce the environmental impact of the company’s activities.

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Energy efficiency is a crucial issue for any company that intends to be sustainable. In this sense, the ISO 50001 certification has become an internationally recognized standard for energy management.

Through the identification and control of the most relevant energy aspects at NUDEC, we have been able to improve production processes and reduce energy consumption costs in the manufacture of plastic sheets using the extrusion method.

How the implementation of the ISO 50001 standard can improve energy efficiency in a plastic sheet manufacturing company

Improve the energy performance of our activity

The ISO 50001 certification specifies the requirements for implementing, maintaining and improving an Energy Management System, whose approach allows NUDEC to achieve continuous improvement in energy performance.

Energy performance, for its part, comprises a series of elementary factors: energy efficiency, energy use and energy consumption. And to optimize its energy performance, NUDEC has implemented a multitude of actions that are now measurable and quantifiable thanks to the indicators (IDEn, Energy Performance Indicators) and the baseline (LdB) set in 2019.

Reduce the environmental impact of our manufacturing

The ISO 50001 standard has provided a systematic framework for the identification, management and improvement of NUDEC’s energy aspects, even though our annual electricity consumption makes us intensive consumers.

Through the implementation of this certification, we have been able to develop a structured approach to energy management, which will allow us to minimize the environmental impact (including greenhouse gas emissions) and reduce energy costs without affecting operations and with increased profitability.

Offers a guarantee of good practices and reliability

Another important benefit of implementing ISO 50001 at NUDEC is ensuring measurement, documentation, reporting and benchmarking of energy consumption over the years. Furthermore, assuming this system makes it possible to provide reliable communication to the market about the energy performance efforts which NUDEC is making.

In addition, it helps to comply with legal requirements related to energy management and improves the company’s reputation by showing its commitment to sustainability and corporate social responsibility.

implantación del SGE

Our steps in the implementation of SGE

  • Creation of a multi-departmental Energy Committee, responsible for the project and representing Senior Management in matters of energy efficiency.
  • For the implementation of the ISO 50001 certification, it is necessary to carry out an energy review that identifies the operating patterns and consumption profiles of the main consumption elements (energy accounting). Establishment of objectives and goals.
  • This involves the identification of the main energy aspects, such as energy consumption in the manufacture of plastic sheets, water cooling, HVAC, compressed air, lighting and auxiliary services.
  • Finally, a monthly follow-up and verification of the IDEn savings over the previous 12 months is carried out, facilitated by a continuous monitoring platform of most of the NUDEC equipment, which allows energy efficiency to be measured and monitored.

NUDEC’s ISO 50001 certificate

NUDEC was certified to the ISO 50001 standard – Energy management systems – for the first time in 2022, through AENOR and with the consultancy work of EPI, Energía por la igualdad, a non-profit cooperative specializing in the energy sector.

Environmentally, NUDEC’s historical annual electricity consumption has emitted approximately 3,780 tonnes of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. From 2019 to 2022, we have achieved 20% accumulated savings in kWh consumption, avoiding the release of 1,007 tonnes of CO2.

Certificado ISO 50001

ISO 50001: Energy efficiency management

The ISO 50001 standard establishes the requirements that an Energy Management System must have in order to make continuous and systematic improvements in energy performance

Gestión de la eficiencia energética
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Resource savings

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Promotes environmental improvements

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Benefits society by making organizations more competitive

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Monetary savings

What is meant

With energy one of the most critical challenges facing the international community, ISO International Standard ISO 50001 on energy management systems could have a positive impact on some 60 % of the world’s energy use.

Explained by UNDP

Energy and the environment are essential for sustainable development. The demand for environmental resources, especially water, food and fuel, has grown enormously as the population and the rate of consumption have increased dramatically

Taking advantage of energy

Industry depends on a large amount of energy to carry out its main activity.  A reliable and innovative alternative to conventional fossil fuel energy is renewable energy. Numerous advantages and business, social and environmental benefits

300 kWh photovoltaic installation for own consumption

Although not within the scope of UNE EN ISO 50001, the photovoltaic installation for our own consumption has been in operation since November 2022. Although this will not improve energy performance, it will reduce dependence on the energy sector (detected as a risk in SWOT) and reduce environmental pollution.

In addition, a project of these characteristics will lead to an improvement and strengthening of the competitive position in the market and consolidation of the environmental commitment of the organization towards society and its own employees