Moulding ideas

Copolymer sheets
with CHDM

These PET plastic sheets modified with CHDM  are
easily processed as they can be molded into different pieces
and shapes other polymers cannot. They are easily
thermoformed, even in thick gauges (up to 15 mm).

This is one of the most valued properties within the
transformation process of PETG plastic sheets. Unlike PC,
PETG sheets do not require pre-drying and can be
thermoformed in thicknesses greater than those of PMMA.

Furthermore, they can be cold bent (up to 2 mm thickness) and can also be laser-cut.

Plastic sheet properties

  • Excellent transparency and surface brightness
  • High impact strength and resistance to breakage
  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • Easily thermoformable
  • Reduce noise transmission
  • Good fire performance
  • Reciclables


  • Displays, signs, showcases and other publicity material at sales points (PLV)
  • Industrial protection
  • Molded pieces
  • Vending and recreational machines design
  • Orthopaedic parts and medical equipment components
  • Riot shields
  • Glazing
  • Construction components
  • Urban and interior furniture design