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Transparent polycarbonate sheets

Protection in all senses

Technology and service quality applied to both
personnel and machinery protection

These polycarbonate plastic sheets are outstanding for their impact strength and high temperature resistance. For this reason, they are often used for applications in sectors such as construction
(roofing, cladding, antivandal urban furniture), security (shields and protective masks, vehicle armor, lamps protection) or the industrial safety sector (protection for machinery, personal protective equipment).

There is also the possibility of manufacturing these sheets with a pattern and/or opaque colors, in order to be applied in the automotive industry, either as part of the auxiliary assembly or even as part of the automobile.

Polycarbonate sheets NUDEC PC with UV version possess special co-extruded UV protection that permits them to be used in outside applications in which they are exposed to UV light.

plastico acrilonitrilo estireno seguridad
placas transparentes

Plastic sheet properties

  • Excellent transparency and surface brightness
  • High heat resistance
  • Available with UV protection
  • Excellent impact strength
  • Thermoformable
  • Intermediate chemical resistance
  • Medium fire performance
  • Reduce noise transmission
  • Recyclable


  • Machinery protection
  • Riot shields
  • Vending and recreational machines protection
  • Lighting
  • Security glazing
  • Roofing
  • Construction components
  • Town furniture (anti-vandal)
  • Caravan bodywork panels
  • Office walls dividers
  • Cladding