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Transparent polyethylenterephthalate sheets

Strength with its own style

Excellent communication thanks to its transparency and brightness

Its brightness and transparency make NUDEC PET the ideal product for advertising elements. They also possess high resistance to the chemical attack of acid rain, diesel engine exhaust fumes and air with a certain amount of salinity, which makes them very useful outside in their UV version.

NUDEC PET plastic sheets have a good impact strength and fire resistance. Along these lines, they have obtained HB certification of the UL94 fire resistance standard, B – s1, d0 certification of the DIN EN 13501-1 fire performance standard and, the EN 10-2011 and FDA food contact certification.

Plastic sheet properties

  • Excellent transparency and brightnes.
  • High resistance to chemical products.
  • High impact strength and resistance to breakage.
  • Thermoformable, do not require any pre-drying.
  • Excellent fire resistance. Low generation of non-toxic smoke.
  • Recyclable, respectful of the environment, completely combustible, without any emission of toxic substances that contaminate landfills.


  • Glazing.
  • Signs and signals.
  • Machinery protection.
  • Lighting.
  • Vending and recreational machines design.
  • Displays and other publicity elements (POS).
  • Urban furniture (anti-vandal).
  • Construction elements.



As a part of our Cyrclus Ecosys program, we offer NUDEC PET RC sheets, containing approximately 40 % of reclaimed material.

NUDEC Arraglass

These sheets can be supplied with an anti-reflective surface, especially indicated for framing photographs, paintings or posters.