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Xenon Test

Xenon arc test

It is important to know which material will be best after 10 years, but this is difficult to verify as it would require a long time to conduct a trial.

One way to quickly compare the behavior of different materials under the effects of sunlight and humidity is to use a xenon test chamber.

Nudec I+D+i
Prueba de-impacto


The functionality of this device is three-fold and can measure:

  • Light transmission: The amount of light that passes through the sheet. This is measured as a percentage. Therefore, it is the percentage of light that falls on the sheet minus what is reflected and what is absorbed.
  • Haze: Turbidity and/or degree of crystallization of the sheet. The light is diffused in all directions causing a loss of contrast.
  • Clarity (resolution): A high quality sheet is one that allows a high definition of the image to be seen through it.

Pressure Monitor

The pressure monitor makes it possible to study and control the tension to which the plastic sheet is subjected based on its spectral coloration.

Nudec I+D+i Tensiometro
Nudec I+D+i


Our materials are thermoformable, that is, through our thermoformer, we heat the sheet to make it malleable, creating a bubble with pressurized air, and then we shape it using the mold.

Impact test

In accordance with the UNE-EN 14428 standard To comply with this standard, NUDEC subjects its partition sheets to chemical resistance tests and harsh impact tests, such as: Colliding with a 45 kg sack (equivalent to the weight of a running child colliding with it). The test must be repeated 4 times per side, in order to certify its impact resistance.
Nudec I+D+i
Nudec i+d+i Colorimetro


Controlling the color of the sheets is fundamental. The colorimeter allows the color of the sheet to be determined using the coordinates a (green-red trend), b (blue-yellow trend) and yellowness index (YI).

Technological development

PROCEEDING ICA025/21/001536

NUDEC, S.A. has received aid for its self-consumption project “Instal.lació Fotovoltaica”, co-financed by the European Mechanism for Recovery and Resilience PRTR-Next Generation EU, coordinated by the Ministry for Ecological Transition and the Demographic Challenge through IDAE and managed by the autonomies according to Royal Decree 477/2021, with the aim of achieving a cleaner and more sustainable economy.

A self-consumption project with renewable energy sources has been prepared, consisting of an installation of photovoltaic panels at the NUDEC, S. A. facilities in Polinyà (Barcelona). In this project, 914 395 Wp modules have been installed with a total power of 361,030 kWp.

Project report guide >100 kW

Project 422

NUDEC, S. A. has carried out a project to improve energy efficiency in its facilities at the Polinyà production center. The project consists in 1 performance: Incorporation of a high energy efficiency extrusion line, replacing an extrusion line that had regular energy efficiency.

This action has led NUDEC, S.A. to carry out an investment of €1,193,200.00.

This project has received a grant of €205,833.87 through the INSTITUTE FOR DIVERSIFICATION AND ENERGY SAVING (IDAE), aid co-financed by the European Union through the ERDF Operational Program for Intelligent Growth 2014-2020.

Nudec Proyecto 422

Project: Ref. IDI-20151059

CDTI project called: Development of diffuser elements made up of specialized layers that allow high optical quality at a reduced cost.

Objective of the project: NUDEC is a company with extensive experience in the manufacture of plates of thermoplastic materials for applications such as covers, protection screens and acoustic barriers, mainly. Currently, a growing sector is the market for diffusers for luminaires.

The objective of this project is to develop a diffuser with materials with excellent optical and mechanical properties and a much higher resistance to fire.

Results of the project: The project has been a success and the main results obtained are:

Obtaining plates that fully meet the requirements of the new product:

  • Light transmission: 75 – 80%
  • Clarity: <8
  • High diffusion capacity.
  • Very white tonality sheet (white snow ).

PROCEEDING ICA012/19/000171

NUDEC, S. A. has received aid for its energy saving and efficiency project “Improvement of extrusion line 6” co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), coordinated by IDAE and managed by the autonomies, charged to the National Efficiency Fund Energy, with the aim of achieving a cleaner and more sustainable economy. An energy saving and efficiency project has been developed, a modification of an extruder line to improve its energy efficiency. Thanks to the project, 22.6 teps are saved per year.

Nudec Proyecto L6