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Yes: Sustainable manufacturing of plastic sheets

We intend to keep a balance between economic growth, care for the environment and social welfare in a very competitive market

Our experience in manufacturing clear plastic sheets and in different polymers – polystyrene ( PS ), styrene-acrylonitrile ( SANuv ), polymethyl-methacrylate ( PMMA ), polyethyleneterephthalate ( PET ), copolymer with CHDM ( PETG ) and polycarbonate ( PC )- since 1980 has enabled us to become important specialists with great international prestige. For this purpose, we have extensive facilities and sophisticated extrusion lines, that are constantly being adapted to the latest technological trends and the needs of our market.


International specialists in clear plastic sheets

We manufacture and sell worldwide high quality technical plastic sheets in different polymers thanks to our extensive experience in the plastics sector.

Our thermoplastic sheets are manufactured using the state-of-the-art extrusion method technologies.


Service and loyalty as a seal of trust

We are a trusted partner for international companies that distribute and/or use plastic sheets as part of their service or production process.

We are a company focused on the market, analyzing the needs of its customers and putting all of our efforts into fulfilling those needs.

A company that anticipates changes and knows how to rely on technology to enhance productivity without neglecting quality or innovation.


Sustainable development with the greatest respect for the environment

We work to achieve maximum sustainability, quality and growth. To do this, we make sure to be a good place to work, where people feel inspired to give the best of themselves every day.

An efficient and dynamic company that develops a collaborative work that benefits and involves everyone in common goals, and that helps in the construction and support of sustainable communities.

At the same time, it must maximize return for shareholders while always keeping in mind the company’s management philosophy.

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One of the main objectives of NUDEC is to always provide the highest quality. This principle is applied to both products and to our customer service.

The staff of NUDEC, assisted by specific software, performs ongoing and exhaustive quality control in all the company’s processes. And strict control grants constant quality; this is one of the policies at the heart of NUDEC. This is guaranteed with ISO 9001 certified by TÜV Rheinland Group and is highly valued by our customers as it allows them to have a product and service that responds to their needs.


A responsibility, environmental sustainability, which NUDEC makes clear in its strategy, in its management and in its daily activity.

We take care not to harm the Environment through our clean manufacturing process. We permanently control direct and indirect processes, separating out waste and managing it correctly through authorized companies. In addition, no gases are emitted into the atmosphere and there is an efficient consumption of natural resources.

Our efforts to safeguard the environment were initialed by TÜV Rheinland Group with a certification of the environmental standard ISO 14001. Furthermore, we aim to foster respect for the environment amongst all of our employees.

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Research, development and technological innovation are three basic concepts for NUDEC. Our R+D+i department has a database of projects executed by NUDEC from 1995, which, together with the development programmes implemented jointly with specialised universities, are the backbone of R+D+i (processes, materials and product-applications). We maintain contact with a team of external engineers which collaborates with NUDEC.

Human Capital

The existing highly-qualified staff of NUDEC comprises more than a hundred people, including directors, engineers, technicians and factory workers. NUDEC takes special care to provide continuous training to its staff, with special emphasis on aspects as important as occupational risk prevention and professional betterment.

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empresas fabricantes de plasticos


As a business devoted to exports, we sell our production to more than 40 countries. More and more international companies are starting to put their trust in the quality, professionalism and experience of our company. Our perfect location, next to one of the largest and most modern ports in the Mediterranean, and to one of the most important road networks, guarantees effective distribution in a short space of time.


NUDEC has set up a comprehensive management policy that is aimed at constantly improving the quality of all its processes, preventing potential occupational risks and respecting the Environment.

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