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Nudec placas de plástico iluminación oficinas iFrost



NUDEC plastic sheet lighting microprism



Nudec placas-plastico-iluminacion-aeropuerto-policarbonato-iled



NUDEC plastic sheets lighting ice



Nudecc placas de plástico en puente iluminado exterior opal



In methacrylate...

Transparent polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA) sheets with a microprism engraving on one side. They are an excellent solution for indoor and outdoor LED lighting projects. 

NUDEC plastic sheet lighting microprism
Ángulos Gamma. Curva polar microprisma

Any lighting project must have had a study done previously in order to understand the light’s behavior in a specific space, and this is represented with photometric (or polar) curves. 

The light distribution offered by the materials that make up the lamp is key. For this reason, we offer our customers the results from the light analysis of our PMMA plastic sheets.

... and in PET

Transparent polyethyleneterephthalate (PET) extruded plastic sheets with a microprism engraving on one of their sides, as in PMMA. They are an excellent solution for LED indoor lighting projects. Thanks to their design, they offer excellent anti-glare behavior and light diffusion that provides great visual comfort, as well as a uniform aesthetic appearance.


Unified Glare Rating

The technical characteristics of PET plastic are ideal for manufacturing luminaires with a UGR <19. The Unified Glare Rating (or UGR) is the quantitative way of measuring glare in a space according to the International Commission on Illumination (the higher the UGR, the greater the discomfort generated by light).

The UGR (Unified Glare Rating) is a value that expresses the glare (unpleasant sensation due to the appearance of bright areas in the field of vision) caused by a light source. We speak of zero glare when the value is 10 and, as it increases, it is understood that the glare is greater, with a limit of 30.

grabado Microprisma para iluminación

For indoor

PET plastic sheets for lighting, due to their intrinsic characteristics, are intended for interior applications, such as parts in luminaires for extraction hoods, refrigerators, decorative mirrors or any other interior equipment or furniture that contains a lighting device.