Experts in transparent plastic sheets

We manufacture different types of plastic sheets suitable for a wide array of lighting projects: iFrost, Microprism, iLed, in addition to a number of different patterns.
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Our extruded plastic sheets have a very broad range of applications such as acoustic barriers for highways, pool covers, bathroom and office screens and many more.
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From signs and labels to point-of-sale displays, from vending machines to gaming equipment: there is always a NUDEC sheet that fits to your requirements. Likewise our delivery programme offers solutions to digital printing applications.
Regardless of whether you call it plastic plates or plastic sheets, NUDEC products are suitable for countless applications. What is your requirements?

Our commitment

A responsibility, environmental sustainability, which NUDEC makes clear in its strategy, in its management and in its daily activity.


Polystyrene sheets
Styrene –  acrylonitrile sheets
Methacrylate – acrylic sheets
Polyethylenterephthalate-polyester sheets
Copolymer sheets with CHDM
Polycarbonate sheets

Patterns viewer

Visit our range of plastic patterns
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Covid-19 protection

Our range of protection
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Sustainable sheets

Polycarbonate sheets based on renewable feedstock

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